Inaugural Global Conference -
2019 HCCH Judgments Convention:
Global Enforcement of Civil
and Commercial Judgments
Hong Kong SAR, China |
9 September 2019
House Rules
For the safety and comfort of all our guests, a set of House Rules is applicable :
為確保所有嘉賓的安全及舒適,敬請遵守以下守則 :

  1. Any person may be refused entry if they commit the following:
    • Clothing and accessories carrying political, racial, religious or offensive messages.
    • Clothing and accessories carrying flags, designs or messages that may be used for protest or demonstration.

  2. To ensure public safety at the venue, participants shall not bring any plastic, glass, metal bottles or containers, bottled or canned drinks, or any other dangerous items into the venue. The Organiser and venue security staff have the authority to inspect the personal belongings of participants seeking entry to the venue.
    為確保活動與場內人士的安全及秩序,入場人士不可攜帶任何塑膠、玻璃或金屬瓶子/ 容器、瓶裝或罐裝飲品,以及其他危險物品進場。主辦機構及會場保安人員有權檢查入場人士的隨身物件。

  3. Luggage, oversized bags and umbrellas, etc. are to be left in the cloak room. The Organiser reserves the right to inspect any bags or personal items being taken into the venue and request any items to be kept at the cloak room.

  4. Security staff at the venue may intercept or interdict persons who constitute a threat to event safety and good order, including those apparently under the influence of alcohol or drugs and those in possession of dangerous items or substances. Such persons may be denied from entry or removed from the venue.

  5. Security staff are authorised to invite people present at or entering the venue to submit to security screening, and search of personal belongings and bags. Participants who refuse to submit to security screening or search without good reason may be denied entry and removed from the venue.

  6. Valid admission badge must be conspicuously presented when entering the venue, and each participant must wear the badge such that it is shown clearly at all times.

  7. No loudhailers, flags, banners, bunting, flyers or publicity materials of any kind shall be brought into and/or used/displayed in the venue without prior permission by the Organiser.

  8. No promotional materials, souvenirs and give-away items may be distributed in the venue without prior permission by the Organiser.

  9. Persons entering or present at the venue shall not deliberately cause obstruction at points of entry or exit, stairways, aisles, zone access points, emergency exits or access routes for emergency services within the venue.

  10. Interference with the smooth running of the event in any form is strictly prohibited. Any person causing such interference may be removed from the venue.

  11. The Organiser reserves the rights to deny entry to the venue or remove from it any person who fails to comply with these House Rules.

Interpretation of these House Rules and any terms or expressions herein is the sole prerogative of the Organiser.